How do sports affect static baropodometry?

Kaltrina Feka, Francesco Pomara, Giuseppe Russo, Maria Cusmà Piccione, Marco Petrucci, Valerio Giustino, Giuseppe Messina, Angelo Iovane, Antonio Palma, Antonino Bianco

sedentary, athlete, baropodometry, plantar pressure distribution

Posture is not a simple matter to investigate, and the perspectives or approaches can vary according to the areas of interest. Previous findings have highlighted how postural measurements with the use of photog-raphy or costly devices like magnetic resonance im-aging are still scientifically inaccurate, while, on the other hand, the X-ray examination includes radiation problems.

In addition, the neurological control of posture and locomotion is co-dependent at different levels of the central nervous system. However, tomaintain postural control in different environmental situations, these systems must be strongly integrated.

Additionally, the fundamental importance of the foot on upright standing and locomotion has been clearly established. It is the first body part to re-ceive the impact, and serves as a base for support. there are several factors, though, that affect the erect position and some authors have already reported a few details about them.