Feet deformities and their close association with postural stability deficits in children aged 10-15 years

Beata Szczepanowska-Wolowiec, Paulina Sztandera, Ireneusz Kotela, Marek Zak

Public health, Feet deformities, Balance, Postural stability, Children

Children and young people make up an age group most vulnerable to falls. Various stability disorders may become instrumental in sustaining more frequent falls and resultant fractures. Correct morphological structure impacts overall efficiency of the foot, as well as offers significant diagnostic potential.

Even minor foot disorders may affect the entire bio kinematic chain, also impacting the foot’s motility. Structural alterations within a foot may also impair balance in the standing position, and contribute to more frequent injuries. The study aimed to assess the relationship between feet deformities and postural stability deficits in schoolchildren prone to sustain accidental falls.

The study involved 200 children (101 girls and 99 boys) aged 10–15 years, randomly selected from primary schools. A 2D podoscan was used to assess the plantar part of the foot, while stabilometric examination was aided by the FreeMed dynamometric platform.