Evento Paul Graham del 1 maggio 2020

Join us and Paul Graham, B. App. Sc. (Pod.), F.A.A.P.S.M. – M.A.Pod.A., on Friday, May 01th at 17.00 pm to speak about: ANALYSIS AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PRESSURE DATA IN A REAL PODIATRY CLINIC STUDIO


Basic reasoning for using plantar pressure rather than visual analysis only

Case Studies:

  • Patient 1. runner with lateral ankle pain – treadmill
  • Patient 2. Leg leg difference – Static
  • Patient 3. Review and comparison – 3 Step Mat
  • Patient 4 Diabetic ulcer – 3 step Mat (integral view)
  • Patient 5. Heel pain – 3 Step Mat , Podoscan 3D and easyCad
  • Patient 6. Midfoot Pain due to joint dysfunction – 3 Step Mat (CoP)
  • Patient 7. A Risk Assessment of soccer players – 1 step mat


Reporting results to colleagues in health care team: For those who understanding pressure analysis

For those who have not been trained in pressure analysis

What does plantar pressure analysis give me in my practice? Confidence

Q & A

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1 Maggio 2020




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