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Non-invasive 3D scan of the vertical column, Spine 3D allows a rad-free posture analysis which can be repeated on the same patient without risks. It uses advanced ToF cameras and LiDar technology to analyze the patient's back with ease and precision

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analysis systems


FreeMed is a line of baropodometric platforms that enables static, dynamic, stabilometric and videographic patient analyses.Ultra-thin platforms guarantee both unique reliability and repeatability.


The RunTime baropodometric treadmill, with a fully sensorized support surface, allows an accurate analysis of plantar pressures, detecting the distribution of the load on the ground during the walking and running phases.


FlexInFit represents the evolution in the field of biomechanical and postural analysis. Each pair of sensorized insoles consists of more than four hundred pressure sensors and enables accurate analysis inside the patient's shoe.


Moover Gait is the ideal tool for clinicians and specialists interested in objectively monitoring and quantifying the patient’s physical state and evaluating the effectiveness of a rehabilitation program.


Spine3D™ allows a non-invasive 3D scan of the spine thanks to LiDar technology (Light Detection and Ranging). Non-invasive and free of radiation, it allows to carry out repeated posture analysis on the same subject, without any contraindications.


EasySnap3d is a FFF (Fused Filament Manufacturing) 3d printer developed by Sensor Medica. Its function is to transform the 3D digital models of the insoles processed in CAD, with the aid of Sensor Medica's CAM software, into insoles by depositing fused thermoplastic filaments layer by layer.

production & software


Vulcan is a professional numerical control insole milling machine designed exclusively for the customized and series production of computerized orthotic insoles.


The only software capable of analyzing and managing countless types of acquisitions with a unified database. software solution for the evaluation of plantar support, analysis biomechanics of the movement of the lower limbs and the study of the posture.


easyCAD insole is a modeling software 3D CAD for the design and realization of orthotics. It supports the creation of orthosis computerized plantars, starting from the design phase up.

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