Treadmill Strider

Dynamic analysis of gait for rehabilitation

The Strider treadmill with 6 load cells allows an accurate analysis of the vertical force and spatio-temporal parameters during all phases of the walk providing the subject with real-time feedback to be able to instantly change the movement, the monitor positioned in front of the subject it also offers immersive visualization to enhance the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation treadmill with load cells that allows the user to have a real-time feedback. It also analyze spatio-temporal parameters of every phase of the walk



6 Single-axis load cells which allows the treadmill to analyze the vertical forces and other spatio-temporal parameters during the walk phases.

built-in monitor

The integrated LCD monitor allows the patient to have an immersive experience thanks to first-person walking videos and at the same time providing useful data.

unique software

The Software is capable of showing on screen all data in real-time, giving the patient a feedback to be able to instantly change the movement.


  • Type of sensors: Single-axis load cells
  • Number of sensors: 6
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 55 °C
  • Maximum pressure: 200 Kg per single load cell
  • Maximum speed: 20 Km/h
  • Speed increase: 0.1 Km/h
  • Acquisition frequency: 500 Hz


  • Dynamic analysis
  • Biofeedback in real time
  • Phases of gait
  • Evaluation of symmetry
  • Immersive visualization on the way



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