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Personal Record Patient's data input

Quick approach to the FreeStep software. Insertion of patient data into the platform and explanation of the importance of collecting sensitive patient data.

Static Analysis

Approach to the patient during static analysis. Reading of the pressure data resulting from the analysis carried out.

Dynamic Analysis

Acquisition methodology in continuous phase of walking or running of the patient. Reading of the resulting pressure data.

Stabilometry and Posturography

Evaluation and study of balance maintenance mechanisms. Romberg test for maximum visualization of micro oscillations and related vector components.

Baropodometric Treadmill

Accurate analysis of plantar pressures through the detection of the load distribution on the ground during the walk and run phases.


Complete morphological measurement of the subject for identification of body asymmetries. Guided positioning protocol marker, free measurements, automatic and manual image calibration.

2D e 3D Podoscanner

Acquisition of the footprint through the 2D and 3D podoscan and its use in the construction of orthotic insoles.

Moover - Inertial 3D sensor

Moover is a miniaturized sensor that allows the evaluation of cervical and articular ROMs.