Postural and baropodometric analysis on amateur runners

Luca Morgera, Podiatrist and Posturologist

Athletes; Postural stability; Sports injury; Orthotic Insoles

In the last fifty years sports activity has taken on a totalizing value from a social point of view. Hand in hand with the significant improvement in life expectancy, it has become one of the essential components of our existence.

Practiced at various levels, from amateur to professional; any athlete is now eager to read up on the risks related to their sport (primarily related to the injury event) and to the systems that can assist sports performance. If we focus on the discipline that appears more accessible, we will probably focus on running. Running seems the most immediate thing: it is a type of action that we learn at an early age and that man has been carrying out since the dawn of time, a physiological reaction to dangers and in most cases a physical activity that in the long run gives an addiction. positive.

A resistive sensor baropodometric platform was used to analyze a group of amateur athletes. The data collected concern statics, dynamics and posturography (stabilometric analysis). The aid of videography helped the operators to empirically evaluate the postural attitude of the subject as a whole. In a second laboratory, all the athletes were subjected to a test on a baropodometric treadmill at an average speed of 8 km / h. The baropodometric platform and the treadmill version of the same are pressure sensitive devices, very intuitive for the collection of objective data.