Podoscan 2D

2d digital scan of foot

Podoscan 2D is an advanced optoelectronic instrument with high-definition capabilities designed for capturing the real image of a foot's imprint using a digital scanner. This device holds fundamental importance, especially in cases involving patients with amputations or foot deformities. It offers features such as image archiving, automatic and manual measurements, and the ability to compare pre and post-treatment examinations. Additionally, Podoscan 2D provides a wide range of settings, including brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, ensuring optimal data visualization.

Podoscan 2D is the high definition optoelectronic instrument for detecting the real image of the footprint through a digital scanner.



2D Digital scan of foot with footprint detection


Quick and easy to perform acquisition


Study of the footprints in the clinical / orthopedic field

More details about Podoscan 2D

Its cutting-edge technology ensures remarkable precision in representing podal imprints, making it an indispensable tool for podiatrists and orthopedic doctors. Moreover, Podoscan 2D significantly facilitates decision-making processes by enabling professionals to monitor patients’ conditions over time.

Digital image storage allows for quick and convenient access to patient data, simplifying medical record management and enhancing communication among the medical team members. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Podoscan 2D adapts to the specific needs of every healthcare professional.

In summary, Podoscan 2D is at the forefront of podiatry, designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, patient progress tracking, and clinical information management. Thanks to its versatility and the quality of the images it produces, it represents an invaluable resource for those involved in foot health.


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