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Freestep is our software developed for the study of baropodometry, stabilometry, posture and biomechanics in motion.

Freestep represents the highest innovation for flexibility, functionality and reliability. A single tool that handles many different acquisitions, that was previously possible only with multiple software applications. Freestep can be easily used by everyone, from the most advanced multifunctional clinics to the lone specialist.

Interactive modules allow custom configurations in order to obtain an analysis tool perfectly adaptable to individual needs. Freestep can manage different evaluation devices such as 2D and 3D scanners; stabilometric and baropodometric platforms; baropodometric treadmills; up to seven HD cameras; inertial motion sensors; EMG surfaces. 

All integrated into a single database. It is the result of many years of research and study in Universities, clinics, sport and rehabilitation centres that have used our software for analysing and comparing different pathologies and treatments.

  • Evaluation of the pressure loads without shoes
  • Three-dimensional, isobaric, high resolution visualisation at points
  • 250 frames in 5 seconds
  • Numerical information on foot pressure distribution, surfaces, rear/front percentage, centre of gravity and left/right centres of pressure
  • Automatic analysis report and comparison with normal values 
  • Acquisition in real time of walking and running over 400Hz
  • Save and analyse each single footprint
  • Curves and graphs
  • Foot geometry
  • Gait cycle
  • Numeric values
  • Force lines
  • Synchronised video acquisitions
  • Automatic analysis report and comparison with normal values
  • Evaluation and study of balance control
  • Default acquisition protocols (Romberg test, Sway test, etc.) and customizable
  • High sample frequency (from 5 to 150Hz), frequency filters selectable by the user
  • Status-kinesigram
  • Fourier diagram
  • Speed curves
  • Values of the ellipse
  • RMS
  • Standard deviation
  • Postural rectangle
  • Comparison between different acquisitions
  • Complete morphological measurement of body segments for asymmetrical evaluation
  • Default protocol for positioning markers
  • free measurements
  • image calibration
  • Report exportable in PDF
  • Import directly from any digital camera
  • Acquisition via Podoscan2D, Podoscan3D and Full HD Podoscope
  • High Definition Acquisitions
  • Fully integrated into one system
  • 1: 1 scale measurement of the 2D image
  • Integration of 3D acquisition with EasyCAD Insole design software
  • Display of the Gait Line for the instant-by-instant analysis of the execution of the step
  • Display of the Gait Cycle with all the numerical values divided by each step of the step
  • Visualization of the complete development of the right foot and left foot in a single panel
  • Visualization of the average foot pressure

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