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Podoscan 3D

3D Technology for the manufacturing of orthotic insoles
Podoscan 3D is a high definition optoelectronic instrument for the detection of the threedimensional image of the foot physiology.

The 3D scanner, accurate to one millimetre, allows to capture the image of the foot in off load, half load and under load position. Podoscan 3D also detects the footprint left on the phenolic foam. The tool is mainly aimed to the manufacturing of orthotic insoles and, combined with the calculation of the foot pressures detected by means of a baropodometric platform, it allows to obtain the design of a custom-made orthosis actually commensurate to the postural needs of the customer.

The image is captured using the software Freestep and it can be immediately exported in the insole design software Easycad Insole. In addition, the measurements can be used at any time to realise a faithful foot mould.

Technical Specification:

  • Monopodalic acquisition under load and half load
  • Maximum performance for the manufacturing of orthotic insoles if combined with the software Easycad insole
  • Interfacing to PC via USB cable
  • Data import and evaluation through the software Freestep
  • Maximum performance thanks to the analysis software Freestep
  • Automatic and manual measurement
  • Tools for image optimization during processing
  • Export 3D image in stl format
  • Dimensions: 600x264x94mm
  • Weight: 7kg

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