Paul Graham event on May 1st 2020

Join us and Paul Graham, B. App. Sc. (Pod.), FAAPSM - MAPod.A., On Friday, May 01th at 17.00 pm to speak about: ANALYSIS AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PRESSURE DATA IN A REAL PODIATRY CLINIC STUDIO


Basic reasoning for using plantar pressure rather than visual analysis only

Case Studies:

  • Patient 1. runner with lateral ankle pain - treadmill
  • Patient 2. Leg leg difference - Static
  • Patient 3. Review and comparison - 3 Step Mat
  • Patient 4 Diabetic ulcer - 3 step Mat (integral view)
  • Patient 5. Heel pain - 3 Step Mat, Podoscan 3D and easyCad
  • Patient 6. Midfoot Pain due to joint dysfunction - 3 Step Mat (CoP)
  • Patient 7. A Risk Assessment of soccer players - 1 step mat


Reporting results to colleagues in health care team: For those who understanding pressure analysis

For those who have not been trained in pressure analysis

What does plantar pressure analysis give me in my practice? Confidence


Step Force paid webinar courses that we can offer


May 1, 2020




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