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Technology In Motion

We create. We Develop. We Inspire.

Technology In Motion

We create. We Develop. We Inspire.

Technology In Motion

We create. We Develop. We Inspire.

We collaborate with specialists to offer innovative technology systems
to improving the human biomechanical balance.

Our Mission is to develop and produce new systems for changing the professional experience in evaluating human posture and biomechanics.
With great passion, we listen daily our customers to integrating their needs with new ideas. We work hard on our devices and systems to develop the best technology on the market.
We are a reliable and professional partner that guarantees quality on our products and services.

Pressure systems
FreeStep™ licenses
CNC Milling Machine
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One Company. One Passion
who we are

Sensor Medica products are manufactured with a unique quality.

Sensor Medica not only performs quality controls at the end of the process, but it also carries out strict controls throughout all manufacturing levels. Only through this approach it is possible to obtain an almost flawless product representing our greatest value.

We are a worldwide reality with its distribution network. You can find our products and our experts available for you in more than 27 Countries. To contact our customer care please send visit the Help Desk Web Page

  • info@sensormedica.com

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